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About Me

Sara has been practising art for over 15 years with a wealth of experience in the field. Achieving a BA and MA in Fine Art and Illustration Sara uses these subjects to express her artistic skill set. Also exploring 3D Design, wood work, mould making and ceramics, Sara delivers these subjects as creative workshops through her teaching role in further education. Sara has recently started to combine her urban culture themes through the same mediums. Pressing skateboards, skateboard design and deck building projects has helped Sara explore the concept of merging her passion for skateboarding with her art and her continued exploration of the urban culture and sub cultures such as graffiti, fashion, skating, youth culture, female identity, music etc. Sharing her passion and engaging the youth is very important to Sara, believing that it’s our responsibility to help future generations excel through creative education and exploration. “It’s time to change the way we learn! It should be fun, supportive, inspiring, personal and exciting. I’m ready to help make this happen”